Founder of AMVIO

Let me introduce myself; my name is Memunah Hussain, founder of “A Million Visions in One” {AMVIO} I was born and raised in Dewsbury in the beautiful Pennines of West Yorkshire. 

You need to know first off that I am profoundly deaf, this has never stopped me achieving my goals, I am a forward thinker and I am always willing to take a risk. My motto is that we won’t able to learn without risk taking or making a mistake, this is what makes us human and makes us reach our individual potential. 

In 2013 I graduated and received a BA in Graphic Design, in 2014 I graduated with an MA in International Graphic Design Management from The University of Huddersfield. I then proceeded to set up my own small business as a wedding & portrait photographer, this has since enabled me to build up my confidence, communicating with hearing people in the “real world” I may be deaf but I can do the same as any other normal hearing person.  

Recently I have decided to build my own website, I want to be an inspiration to others and to blog my own creative visions in Graphic Design, Photography and Illustration and much more, you will have to “watch this space” I am very open minded and I am not afraid to think outside the box and share my visions and experience with other people. 

My dream and aims are to set up a main business as a Designer & Illustrator, to sell my brand & collections. To promote my own unique style and sell my license of the work I produce across the world (In shaa Allah, God’s willing)

- Memunah Hussain


All photos/works on this site were taken and designed by Memunah Hussain (Founder of AMVIO)